Heartfelt Magic and Family Ties

April 16, 2016

Aurelia and the Library of the Soul, written by Gelia Dolcimascolo and published through Autumn Gold Press, hit stores today. This is a fascinating tale of love, loss, and finding one's way through discovery and some help from powerful beings and good friends.



"Curl up with this tale of mystery and magic as Aurelia Panade attempts to overcome horrific losses and the curse of Candleborough. Follow her across The Land between Sleep and Awake, where, aided by a mystical guide, she discovers her true legacy. Songs, dances, brews, and recipes — both charmed and wicked — interlace Aurelia’s passage through enchanted realms. Will Aurelia triumph over her inner struggles and the dangers of her worst enemy? How will she reach her destiny?"





Working on this project with Gelia was pure delight. We explored many character designs, environments and which fantastic story moments to bring to life. I especially enjoyed designing the main antagonist Promulgus. He is a dastardly spirit and took many forms before I settled on his current rendition.




You can get your copy online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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