I, Ixodes the Mighty Tick

December 13, 2016


We've all seen them, we all fear them to some degree. Ticks are a part of our outdoor life.

Now through the eyes of Ixodes the tick, we see life as they see it. This children's story tells of the life cycle and trials a common tick has to make it in the world. It also teaches the dangers of ticks and how to avoid them if at all possible. I, Ixodes the Mighty Tick, is written by Barbara Cox and has plenty of humor along with a great lesson for all ages.


I thoroughly enjoyed creating the illustrations. Ixodes gets himself into quite the precarious scenarios which is always fun to portray in full color. I was able to draw him from egg to full adult with lots of laughs along the way.


I hope you enjoy this quirky yet informative book. It's coming soon!

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