The Telltale Photo

June 13, 2018


Photographs are a wonderful way to advertise your business. They tell everything about you in a single snapshot. However, sometimes they can say a bit too much. There are so many details (too many sometimes) that go into getting the perfect shot of yourself or your business, and many times if a few of these items go unchecked, it will end up hurting your message and driving away your customer base.


Illustrations, whether they are painted, drawn, or a collage of a carefully crafted group of images can not only give you a perfect look every time, the style itself can say so much about who you are as well.


If you have a fun-loving bunch in your office, why have photographs of your team with forced smiles and a canvas backdrop? Why not have them in a cartoon style doing what they love? If you want to keep a more realistic and professional approach, a watercolor design would add class and make you stand out from your competition.


This idea transfers to videos as well. A live shoot needs a whole crew and a lot of your time to complete. I can animate and edit a video with a crafted message for you in the style of your choosing for a fraction of the cost.


Why limit yourself to photographs? As an Illustrator, I can craft your message to say exactly what you would like it to say, customized without distraction. There is so much more out there that can celebrate you and your business in the best way possible!


Call me for a consultation and I will happily discuss the options you have at your disposal!




















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June 13, 2018

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