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Book Creation Process

A Step by Step guide of my process to create your story into a book that will inspire all ages!

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1. Client Briefing

  • Go over steps of creating their story.

  • Answer any questions the author may have.

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2. Manuscript Assessment

  • Is the manuscript complete?

  • Is an editor needed at this step?

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3. Book Qualities

  • Book dimensions – includes orientation

  • Cover and paper type established

  • Estimate number of pages to determine spine and binding options

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4. Print Estimates

  • Two to three estimates are gathered from various sources

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7. Final Illustrations

  • Final lines and colors are added to illustrations

  • Minor revisions and color changes can be requested

  • Author approves all final illustrations

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5. Primary Layout

  • Determine exact number of pages

  • Establish illustration appearances

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8. ISBN and UPC Codes

  • Author or publisher purchases ISBN and UPC codes through Bowker

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6. Sketches

  • Start sketches of each illustration in black and white

  • Author approves each sketch or can call for revisions

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9. Final Layout

  • All text and illustrations are added

  • Adjustments are made to printing specifications of selected printer

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10. Printer Draft

  • Receive a physical or digital draft of the print for review

  • Approval of author and illustrator required

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11. Final Print and Delivery

  • Final books are shipped to you!

Book Illustrations


Spot Illustration

Color Illustration - Minimal background details, usually 1 to 2 characters


Half Page Illustration

Color illustration - more than four characters may cost extra


Full Page Illustration

Full Color Illustration, full detail


Spread Illustration

Two page spread illustration with full color and full detail

prices may vary

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