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Unforgettable stories featuring my illustrations!

Children's Books

Ages 4-12

MachineInsideMe copy.jpg

The Machine Inside Me

by Michelle Steffes

Follow along in this interactive journey of discovery with 9-year-old Liam and his 13-year-old sister Anna as they learn how to take control of the "Machine Inside."

UpUpandAway_1 copy.jpg

Up,Up, and Away! A Collection of Poems for the Young at Heart

by Meggin Rice

This collection of silly poems is outrageously funny! Discover a strange boy who sneaks into a monkey's cage and starts acting like a monkey. Peer into the pages and read all about the world's fattest cat and a sweet little dog who steals socks! Some of these poems were crafted with imagination and the desire to impart important lessons about love, acceptance, kindness, and understanding. Some of them were written with the intention of just having a good old laugh!

MeggertheEgger copy.jpg

Megger the Egger

by Anita Greene

This is a "Tall Tail" about Meg, the cat, and her journey to "Okayness". She finds out it is very okay to have feelings and doubly okay to be just who she is. With the help of Sheriff Charlie, Her Dad, and Gutzi, the Super Cat, she finds out how to deal with her anger, discovers her talents, and makes some wonderful new friends.


The Night I Borrowed Santa's Sleigh

by R.B. Berkey

On Christmas Eve, a restless eight-year-old boy borrows Santa's sleigh and takes it for a fun ride along with his dog. On the ride, he learns the background stories of the other eight reindeer. After all, everyone knows Rudolph's story. But what about the others?

GreatestGift_01 copy.jpg

The Greatest Gift

by Roxanne Worsham

Take an adventure with Rob who received a great gift one Christmas day. His mom and dad surprised him with a brand new puppy he named Scout! What did Rob learn about the Greatest Gift ever given on Christmas Day?


Effie's Chance to Dance

by Gelia Dolcimascolo

Music captures Effie Elephant's ears as she roams her new neighborhood. When she discovers a group of giraffe's dancing gracefully in a ballet studio, they set her spinning. Can this young elephant find her way into Madame Giraffski's ballet class? How on earth will she leap over the hurdles she faces? All she wants is a chance to dance.


I, Ixodes the Mighty Tick: My True Story

by Barbara G. Cox

Learn about Ixodes the Tick and his adventures, but also learn how to avoid ticks, safely remove a tick, or prevent tick bites in the first place!


Aurelia and the Library of the Soul

by Gelia Dolcimascolo

Curl up with this tale of mystery and magic as Aurelia Panade attempts to overcome horrific losses and the curse of Candleborough. Follow her across the Land between Sleep and Awake, where, aided by a mystical guide, she discovers her true legacy.

Adult Fiction Books

Ages 18 and up

Leadership Curiosity and the Honey Pot copy.jpg

Leadership Curiosity and the Honey Pot

by Scott Watts

At Great Falls Honey Pot, the broader leadership team fell victim to the many predators of curiosity, and a long-standing company, its people, and even its non-human workers suffered the consequences.

Adult Non-Fiction Books

Ages 18 and up

TheFile_01 copy.jpg

The File

by San Charles Haddad

Over eighty years of international turmoil. Discriminatory agendas, and vicious acts of violence...this is the haunting Olympic history of Israel and Palestine.

Out of Print


Taking Care of business

by Tommy Brann

Timmy is an eight year old boy who loves to work hard at his parents' restaurant, but not so much at school. Join Timmy on  a journey to learn what's important in life, how to help others, and to aspire to his dreams of owning his own business one day!

AnimalTails_01 copy_edited.jpg

Animal Tails: Animal fables for healing and redemption

by Tricia Bartels

Explore and discover the healing and redemptive qualities of animals through six animal tales. Each story tells its own tale with the purpose of helping children and teenagers experience examples of caring for others, self resilience, and bravery in this unique and once in a lifetime book.

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